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Which website options are best for me?

Generally speaking this post speaks to businesses that are looking for a web development agency to create their website for them. Below is the basic expectation for website budgeting and what you can expect to get for your money.

First Determine your Website Goal

This may come across and very obvious, but the website you choose for your business should be determined by your long term goal. Yes everyone wants the best website, however, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a website. You generally spend a lot of money for more advanced functionality and some kind of website business strategy to increase and grow your business.

Consider the following for your site:


How much money do you want to make from your website? This should give you an idea of how much you want to spend on your website. Will 1 more client be a big business changer for you? or will you need a couple hundred thousand people on your site to give yourself a basic salary?

Target Market

Who are you wanting to reach? Who is your ideal client? This will determine the look and feel you want your website to have as well as give you a better understanding of how much money you can make from each client.


Perhaps you’re still not too sure about how much you want to make and spend on your site. Maybe you don’t even care… A good way to grasp where you should be going is to look at your top 5 competitors websites and see what they are doing and how you can make yours better.

Start Small

Website are amazing in the sense that they can be continuously improved upon. You can start with a simple basic website today and have a multi million rand website/asset in a year or 2 from now. But there should always be a strategy to get from a basic website to a brilliant one. Most people just go for the cheapest option and hope and pray that their website will make them money. They are not willing to invest in themselves or their business and therefore never take the next step.

Website Budgets at a Glance

These prices are based off of WordPress building platform.

What are you paying for in a website?

Time, value, maintenance, annual fees and standard set up costs. The set up cost for any basic website is relatively affordable, however it’s the editing time, website changes and Return on Investment value you are paying for.

Under R10k

Basic Website

With a basic budget under R10 000 you can expect a simple 5 pager or a landing page. websites like this are low maintenance and basically an online brochure. The best way to use these website much like business cards and brochures is to send the website link to people to see your business and information.

You can not expect getting organic hits with a budget like this. So if this is the option you choose make sure you have a marketing budget (Someone to hand out the brochures) There are a lot of websites and the internet is saturated with other business just like yours. So you will need to do some external work to make the website work for you.

Website like this typically include:

  • 5 pager information (home, about us, gallery, services, contact us)
  • Minimal to no Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing pages to fit into your marketing strategy
  • Personal Blogs
  • Little functionality – Contact forms only

Under R30k

Good Website

With a basic budget under R30 000 you can expect a significantly more useful website. With a website like this you can expect calls and emails every now and again from potential clients on the web looking for business like like yours.

The only dis-advantage of having a website like this is maintenance and a monthly fee. A website that gets hits needs to be informative and valuable to your target market. This content needs to be created on a monthly basis making your website more likely to out perform your competition. your business will be able to start generating enough income to fully focus and invest in your online presence.

Websites like this typically include:

  • 7-20+ pages
  • Several Contact Forms
  • Database Capturing
  • Basic Automation
  • Monthly Fee of R500-R1500/m
  • Good Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrations with mailing platforms
  • Detailed statistics
  • Good website security
  • Event Bookings
  • Calendars
  • Basic E commerce
  • Live Chat
  • Chat forums
  • User Accounts

Over R50k

Great Websites

Business that have a budget of 50K or more will most defiantly make a profit from their website. The amount of research and content will be incredibly valuable. There are strategic pages and forms put into place that take your client on a journey of getting to know your business and becoming a lifetime customer.

Functionality is also almost limitless as far as integration goes. The only thing that will most likely not be included is extremely custom functionality such as live calculator forms etc… For custom websites or web applications that are more specific and industry orientated like Air BnB or Uber, you’re looking at a couple R100k if not a few million.

Websites like this typically include:

  • 50+ pages
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Database Capturing
  • Monthly Fee of R2000 +
  • Excellent Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrations with mailing platforms
  • Lead generation
  • Detailed statistics
  • Excellent website security
  • Event Bookings
  • Calendars
  • Advanced E commerce
  • Live Chat
  • Chat forums
  • User Accounts
  • And much more


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