What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online open-source publishing platform, that is used to create websites or blogs. It was co-founded in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. It is now built on PHP and MySQL, it is too used for the making of more than 34% of the top ten million websites across the internet. Millions of people use WordPress to create their open-source platforms. The advantage of it is that you do not need to know coding nor have tech experience. It is too free and priceless to use it.

Someone using WordPress on their laptop

Who is WordPress?

As stated above the Co-Founder of WordPress is Matt Mullenweg, with the help of his Core Leadership Team. The Team is formed by a group of 5 main developers that help lead the other developers to ensure the WordPress runs to its full potential. There are however hundreds of volunteer developers that help contribute to the development and coding of the software. These developers help manage it if there is anything not functioning up to the standards, the improve the features, update the software and ensure security of the websites developed through their software at all times.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that you can use to either develop, edit, delete or manage your blog or website easily without any hassle. It was developed to help the process of making websites or blogs easier, without having to know the coding of a website. They are also SEO friendly, helping make your website or blog more recognized across the web.


What are the requirements to use WordPress?

To use WordPress, the recommend requirements are needed. A PHP version 7.3 or greater, MySQL version 5.6 or greater and HTTPS support. If you have older versions of PHP or MySQL, it still works. However it will not have as secure security as the latest versions will have, so that is the disadvantage. That is all the requirements needed to use this system to create your blog or website.





A person using WordPress to blog on their laptop and cellphone.


To see how use WordPress here is a short 21 minute tutorial YouTube video to help you. For more help with this service click here or email us here.




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