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5 simple steps to design an amazing Logo and Brand

To create an amazing logo and brand is not easy task. Normally graphic designers who are still new in the graphic design industry try to get all their ducks in a row to impress their clients. They will show up to meetings with their “Design Brief” and ask their questions. “What is your least favorite color?” “Who are your top competitors?” “Which Logo’s stand out to you and why?”. I made this mistake when I started graphic design 5 years ago and had I known what I know now. I know I would be a lot further in my work and career.


logo design, sutherlandsites, jobs, internships, graphic design, web design, web development, opportunity, Johannesburg South, Bassonia, Glenvista, near me, positions, Marketing, SalesThe best way to bring out a unique logo and brand is from the 5 following key points.


1. Find out the “why”

Logo design is all about the “why”. When you know the “why” then the design process starts becoming a lot easier. Remember as a graphic designer you are not commissioned to make things look cool. You are commissioned to solve a problem. That is what makes true graphic designers. When you combine the elements of shape, color, line and text to create a message, you are solving a problem. You are making it easier for 80% of all people to understand your agenda.  An easy way to find out your clients “why” is to ask the same question in different forms. for example: Q1. “Why do you want to open a coffee shop?” Q2 “Why would people want to come to your coffee shop?” Q3. “Why do you think you should be the one with the coffee shop and not Mug n Bean?” When you ask questions like this it may seem repetitive to the client but there will be 1 clear message.


2.  What is the promise of the client?

What does your client promise his clients? It is always important to know that their is an absolute promise that is going to be delivered. If the promise is not clear then designing it will become a hard task for you and your team if you have 1. Art is a subject where you can get away with mixing the process up a bit, heck it would not be art if you couldn’t do that. We can be creative but if we do not have a reference then you are taking a swing in the dark. Once you know the problem you are solving and have it clearly defined, you are 50% done with your design. It may sound strange but having a clearly defined problem is the foundation for success, ask any business person.


3. Who are the stakeholders?

Stakeholders are the people buying into the clients vision. Who are the investors, the popular target market, the team investing their time or money into this project? What are their expectations of the brand? These are all very important questions as it will be the design guide-lines once you have your foundation set.


4. What is the message to the client?

The message of the logo and brand needs to speak to the values of the client. It needs to speak to the heart as well as intellect. The elements of the logo can each represent a value of the client, so make sure you are able to gather the values of the client with indirect questions like we mentioned in paragraph 1. Find out the clients values why dissecting their “why”. Try not to ask them directly as you will most likely get the same generic answers. For Example; Client; My values are “Professionalism, Excellence, Family, Service and Transparency”. There are many business with the same values, so try to dig a little deeper and be creative. If you’re battling in general with being creative I recommend listening to Earl Nightingale’s podcast on creativity.


5. What is the message to the public?

What does the logo and brand communicate to the public? The message on the logo needs to be clear and precise. It should answer the questions: Who is this company? What do they do? That message should be as clear as water. The logo should be more effective than it is “cool” When people see it they should instantly know what your client does. This is very important for new brands. Other brands that are well established don’t need to worry to much about this. However, it was a step they needed to overcome as well, and so will you if you want your clients to be big.


With all this in mind please note why if you are going to build a decent business you should avoid software or mobile apps that call themselves “logo Makers”. Logo maker apps do not carry the why of the client or the promise to the public. Cheap logo and branding will get you cheap clients. For a professional Logo and brand consultation call 076 326 9965 or email

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