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How Soon Can You Get A Professional Website?

The wait is finally over, with Sutherlandsites you don’t have to wait longer than a day for a full functioning professional website. You could ask yourself, how is that possible? Within 24 hours a website can be created for your company if all information is provided on time to us. If your business doesn’t have all the requirements needed for us to create your website, it will be developed within only 2 to 3 days.

Other companies will mostly provide this kind of service with turn around time of 7-14 working days. We make affordable, all-embracing , professional websites in the shortest period of time. Ensuring that we achieve the brand effectively by visually presenting the clients best interests and expectations into the design.

Additionally, if required we do provide a service of managing your companies social media platforms. Ensuring that the community is more socially aware of your brand in the best possible way. Here is a glimpse of our own brand’s social media,  Sutherlandsites Instagram and Facebook

How Does It Work?

Primarily, in order for us to create your WordPress website swiftly we will need all the requirements stated below. Thereafter, with the information provided we will help design and develop the website by collaborating the perspectives and ideas of the client.

We provide you with a estimation of how much it will cost as websites may vary with how much information you would like us to present on your site. To conclude, once we have given you a quotation the customer has agreed upon, SutherlandSites will start developing your website template. Please see our quotation packages below:

  • Landing Page R2 500.00 (1 day turn around time – WordPress)
  • Standard Business Website R4 500.00 (1-2 day turn around time – WordPress)
  • E-Commerce Website R13 000.00 (7 Day turn around time – WordPress)

Please note that a 50% deposit needs to be transferred and reflected in our account before any work can be started, once the website has been completed, the remaining amount will be due within 2 days.

What Do I Need To Do?

Information and content for your Professional website

We will need an official company name from our clients, your purpose, the products or services you are selling or providing. High quality images, logo, aims, what makes your company unique. We can work faster if we have a reference of your competitors website. Using that we can provide a professional website that matches or supersedes your competitions. Lastly we will need a business card image or a flyer from your business to incorporate your company ci (Corporate Identity).

As a result, we will be able to bring out your uniqueness and authenticity of your brand to entice the target market you are trying to reach.  However, if you do not have a Logo accessible, SutherlandSites will help create and design an exclusive logo for you. See our previous logos and brands designed HERE.

Website Hosting Information

We will need your current hosting information to access your domain in order to complete the WordPress website quickly and efficiently. This will include the website link, Username and password. Alternatively, we will need your Cpanel log in details and or your FTP log in information. Without this information given to us as soon as possible it will delay the entire process.

Wordpress Website log in image.

Website Contact Details

In order for SutherlandSites to create a professional website promptly, we will need the following contact information provided to us:

  • Cellphone number
  • Business cards
  • Email address
  • Physical and Postal Address

A Professional Website needs Competition references

Website technology has increasingly progressed over the last few years, making it easier for companies to create websites for their brand at a fast moving pace. This is purely why you need to ensure you have more of a competitive advantage over your competitors. In order to do so, you firstly need to identify the level of rivalry in the field of work you are in.

Who are you in competition with in your line of trade? This will give us an insight of what we need to do in order to draw consumers to your brand instead of others. This however, will then be used as a reference to help us establish, design and develop your website as a whole, ensuring that your companies best interests are met and achieved. Please see details here, regarding what it takes to make your website authentic and a true success.

Please note that for a website to be truly successful it takes more than 1-2 days to get good results. We are simply offering a “quick fix” to an urgent solution.

How will you provide us with the above information?

Its quick and simple, you can send us either a Microsoft word, Power Point or PDF file to our email ( with ALL your information you want on the website.

If you are interested in hiring us, contact us on our email or our cell (076 326 9965). However, if you have any inquiries click the ” Contact us” heading provided and get in contact with us so we can personally assist you with any questions you may have.

Fast professional websites, on any device.

Professional, Fast Websites…Why Sutherlandsites?

Our main aim is to work towards making businesses and organizations look professional and be visible online. This is within in your respective communities and across the web. Doing so in an ethical manner by putting first our clients best interests at heart.
In conclusion, we help you by captivating your customers with the help of our exclusive websites and services.


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